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How can I improve myself in 6 months?

Following are the ways in which you can improve yourself in 6 months
1.Stop eating junks Start eating healthy.
2.Stop watching useless videos, web series, porn
3.Give priority to your mental health first
4.Start doing meditation
5.Stop wasting your time in social media, like FB,Insta deactivate or unistall them
6.Start spending time with your family
7.Get enough sleep.
8.Excecise and work out more and more
9.Start reading good books
10 Stop wasting your time on people who aren't worth it
11.Start working on your goals.
12 Make a strict and proper timetable
13 Learn something new be it be any hobby or learning foreign language
14 Stop arguing with people on social media as well as in real life too
15 Value your time.

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