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What gives people the best feelings in life?

  1. First kiss :)
  2. When you see your picture in the ‘Toppers’ section of the newspaper. 😍
  3. Seeing your enemies getting jealous of your success.
  4. Getting your first salary.
  5. Your mother kisses your cheek when you are asleep.
  6. When you see your crush in formals/saree. 😍
  7. Moving out from a toxic relationship
  8. When the teacher is complimenting you in front of the class.
  9. Random aunty saying,‘’ you look beautiful.‘’
  10. When a kid kisses your cheek.
  11. When your best friend hugs you for no reason.
  12. When you help people and get their blessings.
  13. When your long-distance boyfriend/girlfriend finally meets you.
  14. Getting a gift from the crush.
  15. When you finally meet someone who likes you with all your imperfections.
Answered By - Mrunal K


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