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What are the top 50 secrets to a long and healthy life?

2.Loving Yourself
3. Loving others.
6. Analyzing your thoughts.
7.A good sleep.
9. Not judging others.
10. Being Real.
11. Not underrating him/herself.
12. Not overrating him/herself.
13.Thinking positive.
14.Changing negative thoughts into positive.
15. Not blaming others for your failure.
16. Writing 10 mins to praise yourself.
17. Eating healthy food.
18. Respecting other's opinions.
19. Not letting your subconscious except wrong thoughts.
20. Forgiveness.
21. Removing Your fears.
22. Maintaining harmony in your relationships.
23. Not letting yourself get jealous of others.
24. Set your soul free.
25. Accepting your failure.
26. Believing in the power of your subconscious mind.
27. Being Kind to others.
28. When something hurts. Relax and let it go.
29. Knowing that you are beautiful.
30. Not taking other evil thoughts influence you.
31. Never say “I can’t”.
32. Knowing that you are master of your faith.
33. Choose life!
34. Choose love!
35. Choose health!
36. Choose happiness!
37. Be grateful for what you have.
38. Help others.
39. Read self-help books.
40. Don’t give the remote of your emotions to someone.
41. Be thankful to God for your presence.
42. Enjoy at least 15 mins of the day with yourself.
43. Learning something new regularly.
44. Never be hopeless.
45. Watch your words. Don’t hurt others by your words.
46. Sleep in peace and wake up in joy.
47. Eliminate jealousy.
48. Never criticize yourself.
49. Don’t expect too much.
50. Be easy. You are the best
Answered by -  Amar Pathak

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