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What are some things nobody tells you about life?

  1. That SEX is very important for a happy life.
  2. Masturbation is not replacement for SEX.
  3. That your close buddies will FUCK you one day.( The only thing is that they should get a chance )
  4. Even parents will stop caring for you if you are financially weak.
  5. That Relatives are real psychopaths and peace killers.
  6. That your first girl friend is not permanent.
  7. Each and every person is partial based on his sensibilities and persona.
  8. No one cares about you and gives a damn about you.
  9. One day you will die and no one gives a shit about you.
  10. Its better you love yourself more than anyone in this world.
  11. Kissing and sex is the best pleasure one can have in this world.
  12. Most of humans are most dangerous and cunning when it comes to money matters.
  13. Drinks done occasionally is a real stress buster.
  14. LOVE is just Look- Observe- Verify- Enjoy.
  15. There are no best friends in this world.
  16. Life is bitch and will fuck you in every hole if you don’t give enough importance to it.
  17. Trusting your best friends blindly is most foolish act.

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