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How can I learn English easily?

  1. Identify the tense. Not only this will give you the power to understand what others are saying but also you will be able to understand their stuff in a sensible way. Whenever you listen to something in English just try to figure it out the tense of the sentence and very soon you will get fun while learning.
  • I have fired him today.
  • I tried my best to get the job.
2. Start speaking only with the nouns as it is pretty much easy to speak as verbs are a little bit complex for newcomers. For the beginner, it’s quite difficult to adjust the verbs. Believe me, if you try to do everything all of a sudden what will happen you will lose your confidence. As it will be difficult to hold the things so make it easy and go at a slow pace. You have to realize yourself that daily you are enhancing your speaking skills by adding something or the others.
  • She is a teacher.
  • He will be the next king.
  • He has an innocent face.
  • You were crazy.
3. Adopt a habit of answering every question in the same tense so by doing this you will get the practice of speaking with the right sentence although you are using the same lines like
Q. Is he listening to the sir?
A. Yes, he is listening to the sir.
so here you are getting the idea of how to answer the people as well as you are honing your tenses. This will give you a good start. Very soon you will have the benefit of this practice.
4. Listening is a fine art and if you understand this, it will give you enormous power to perceive how a sentence can be framed or spoken. So you must listen. As I was telling you to identify the tenses. And answer with the same phrase how will you do that if you are not listening attentively.
5. Use it or lose it. Whatever you are learning just start using it right away from the moment. Whether it is a word or anything. It will become much easier to remember things. Remembering can help for one-two weeks but if you bring this into your regular practice then you will start learning effortlessly.
6. If you really want to add the word then Don’t try to remember the words instead of this practice it, as we all know that Rolling Stones gathers no mass so don’t force yourself to memorize 5 or 10 words daily just if you have one word and you are practicing in such a way that you can use it in your any sentence then what do you think isn’t it good as compared with having 10 word daily but don’t know how to use it.
7. Speaking to yourself. No doubt it is the best way to learn. As we all know always something or the other is roaming in our head. So if you give a particular direction to your thoughts it will be set and you will start learning effortlessly. In the beginning, you have to show the path to your thoughts.
8. Get the basic knowledge of adverb adjective noun verb and with one word you would get 4 ways to use it. This will give you an idea of how to change the world according to the sentence. If you know how to use it in different sentences then it will give you an edge over others. If you have this elementary thing along with you can explore it anywhere.
  • This is the beauty of life. (Noun)
  • You have beautified my face. (Verb)
  • He made it beautifully. (Adverb)
  • You are a beautiful person. (Adjective) see what one word can do if you are aware of these simple things.
9. Add words in your speaking: do you know what is the effective way to add it. Just relate it with your own simpler word. And you will be able to see how soon that word will embarrass you. Like you can take an example of the word inculcate means making others understand.
  • Like I tried to understand his talk.
  • I tried to inculcate his talk.
10. Once you feel comfortable with the word then You can explore it. My sir said If you keep grammar in your head then you may be able to frame sentences but if you keep this on your lips. Certainly, you will become a speaker. If I can remember understand then inculcate will be remembered, as for me, they are joint.
11. Read all the hoarding and Advertisements at the public place. This will give you a good set of words as well as you will learn the spelling of words if you read every day or on a regular basis. You would get new words and it will penetrate your mind.
12. Don’t judge a person before walking a mile which means believe in yourself and let things happen on their own.
Actually, this one is from my elder brother long time back I was learning to type but I was stuck at the speed of 20 words per minute and no matter how much I tried I was unable to increase my speed then one fine my brother came to me and advised to do typing until your fingers get painting and you won’t believe I started improving. Within a month I touched 38 words per minute with fine accuracy.
So once you are set with your basic things than just start doing practice continuously till you get pain in your mouth and very soon you will find yourself comfortable with the language, in fact, you will become familiar.
Answered by - Sachin Kumar


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