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What did you learn too late in life?

  1. Laziness is more addictive than alcohol.
  2. Mom and dad are your real best friends.
  3. Instagram models, celebrities are fake as hell.
  4. It's okay to be flawed. Everybody has flaws.
  5. One life baby. Fly, run, fall but never stop!
  6. People will think you are smart if you are well-groomed and wear the right clothes.
  7. Everybody is unsatisfied with something in their life.
  8. Sometimes a 4 months relationship can be better than 4 years relationship. The time of the relationship is not always directly proportional to the quality of a relationship.
  9. Mantras, yoga, meditation everything has a science behind them. Indians were (and are) extremely smart.
  10. A wrong relationship can screw your life.
  11. Your health = quality of food you eat.
  12. Never trust your friends too much.
  13. Depression is real.
  14. Never be friends with an ex.
  15. Quora is better than Instagram, WhatsApp.
  16. Don't trust people who always use sweet words too much.
  17. We tend to choose the wrong partners in teenagers.
  18. If you can videocall a guy without getting a bath or doing makeup, he is the one.
  19. Makeup can either make you look like a clown or a beautiful lady. Use it properly.
  20. Love your parents. They're getting older with time.
  21. Getting comments and upvotes on quora is far better than getting likes & followers on Instagram.


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