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What is the best life advice you would give?

  1. Everyone is fake.
  2. Dear boys chase goals, not girls.
  3. Everyone leaves you one day. Try to be as strong as possible.
  4. Never share your secrets with anyone.
  5. Don’t trust blindly.
  6. You are your own soulmate, so enjoy your own company.
  7. Never neglect your career.
  8. Be with someone who will make you happy.
  9. Never ignore your best friends for love.
  10. Don’t do back bitching. If you have guts say it in front of them.
  11. Be a rebel with a cause.
  12. Never degrade your self-respect for anyone.
  13. At any point in life, no one is worth begging.
  14. Your life your rules, just push your limits and boundaries and explore.
  15. Never buy unnecessary things to look cool.
  16. Money is everything.
Answer by - Avantika Malhotra


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