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What are the 10 best things you have done in your life?

  1. I don’t take tea, even anything that has caffeine in it.
  2. I have watched only three movies in theater so far Simba, Manikarnika, and Keshari.
  3. I don’t eat food with onion and garlic and I am a strict vegetarian. I love fish, chicken, lamb, cow, goat and every single animal, bird, insects and I don’t eat them.
  4. It’s been a year since I watch television last time. Hardly once or twice a year.
  5. I donate 20% of my salary for the welfare of society.
  6. I never smoke and never smelled alcohol.
  7. I am 27 now and I never drove a bike. It’s something that doesn’t interest me at all.
  8. I love nature and natural resources, I make sure that I don’t waste water not even a drop of it.
  9. I was born in Haryana, live in Tamilnadu, visited West Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra. I have also been to the United Kingdom.
  10. I am 0% selfish and most practical I believe. I never cheated on anyone in my life. I have been an honest son, a proud brother, a good friend and a caring partner.
Answer by - Nagesh Kumar

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