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What advice would you give to people in 20s?

1. Don’t fall in the trap of LOVE.
2. Don’t pay for SEX. Say NO TO PORN.
3. Sex is a pleasure and Pleasures are temporary.
4. People come and go so be strong.
5. Don’t be in a Relationship because your friends are committed.
6. Love, at first sight, is bullshit.
7. Focus on your health.
8. Focus on your knowledge.
9. Don’t complain about your laziness.
10. Don’t quit your college just by seeing some motivational videos.
11. Never run behind girls.
12. Don’t spend your parents (or your’s) precious money on your friends or girlfriend because everyone is temporary.
13. Never install these types of apps Tiktok, Hago, Likee, etc.
14. Listen to your Parents rather than listening to YouTubers or motivational stories.
15. Don’t follow someone blindly.
16. Don’t trust anyone easily or blindly.
17. Have control over your emotions.
18. Forced friendships, love, etc won’t work.
19. People are fake. So choose wisely.
20. Follow 60–40 proportions for the brain and heart.
21. Money is important but doesn’t run behind it blindly.
22. Increase your efforts rather than changing your goals.
23.Feed knowledge to your brain. It will never leave you.
24. Don’t say Bollywood dialogues rather be Practical.
25. Books are always the best friends. A good book can change your life.
26. Stop flirting and comparing yourself to your friends and cousins. Everyone is Unique.
27. Don’t waste your time.
28. Uninstall Pubg because your Pubg skills are irrelevant.
29. Stay Focused.
30. Don’t fight over useless topics.
31. Learn to respect others' views.
32.Respect other people's feelings.
33. Family is the most important thing in life.
34. Carrier is important like money.
35. Don’t care for those people who don’t give you any sh*t about you.
36. Always workout. It helps you to stay healthy and motivated.
37. Also, do yoga. It will help you to know yourself.
38. If you want to take advice and really want to rely on it then the person you choose must be either most successful or most unsuccessful because the successful one will tell you what to do and the other person will tell you what not to do in your whole life.
Answer by - Anshul Kadian

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